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A Future to Remember: A Conversation with Ysabel Loh, producer of Malaysian Students’ Association’s ID: Journey of Discovery

Hazal Kirci In a future where borders and nations become increasingly closed off and hostile to globalisation, and the line between cyborg and human becomes blurred, 8 Malaysians from the UK take it upon themselves to return to their homeland, at whatever the cost. This is the premise of Malaysian Students’ Association’s ‘MNight’ (Malaysian Night… Continue reading A Future to Remember: A Conversation with Ysabel Loh, producer of Malaysian Students’ Association’s ID: Journey of Discovery

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Vanta Black

Vanta Black By Theotima Ioannou Vanta was born at a specific time and place. A specific Doctor said “your child is sick.” After an extensive examination of Vanta’s body, his parents found nothing wrong so, the Doctor was ignored. Vanta was a young adult when he noticed a dark stain on his fingertips. There was… Continue reading Vanta Black

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When Cobalt Magazine set about thinking how they could contribute to the wider student society, we knew that it would be worthwhile getting involved with #WeGetConsent. It is one of the biggest campaigns that the Student’s Union is running this year, and responds to a topic that has long needed addressingc within the wider university… Continue reading #WeGetConsent

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Photography Competition Winner: Issue 9

For our first photography competition, in-keeping with our theme of "The Human Subject", submissions had to answer this question:  "A smile is rare, how do you capture one?" We had some amazing submissions and choosing a winner was incredibly difficult! Below you can see the fantastic photographs that were submitted for the competition...   (Submitted… Continue reading Photography Competition Winner: Issue 9

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Karmila Thomas There are over 20 different nationalities sitting in one hostel bar. A hostel with over 20 different cultures. Over 20 different histories - all encaged in over 20 different humans. Each traveler is looking for something; whether it’s knowledge, love, adventure, or themselves. If you want a story - talk to a traveler.… Continue reading Strangers

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These Eyes They See All

  Rhys Clarke September 11th, 2017. That was when The Eyes started to appear. Or, more specifically, the growths. Bulbous, flesh coloured, and foul-smelling. The growths appeared everywhere, in homes, on trees, on walls, on the roads, under the sea...anywhere with a surface, the growths appeared. Scientists were baffled. Us common folk were scared at… Continue reading These Eyes They See All