Issue 6, Poetry

New Beginnings

Olugbemi Moronfolu

I clung desperately to familiarity
As if it were my life line
But I was losing grip slowly
And I knew, it would be a matter of time.

My eyelids, romantic as ever,
Attracted to each other
Were pulling together

And eventually when I summoned up enough strength
To pull them apart,
I woke up
And we were apart.

Alas — everything had changed forever!
I was doomed to wonder a strange world
All alone, exposed, never to find home.

But now I’ve reached these unexplored territories
It does not seem as isolated, weird or scary
And though my life has changed immensely
I feel like this life was always meant for me.

First featured in Issue 6 of Cobalt Magazine, November 2016. All content owned by Olgubemi Moronfolu.





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