Issue 6, Poetry


Radu C Vlad

you crash-landed out of nowhere
and out of pure coincidence in the same bar
where i was passing the hours thinking
of nothing until you took your seat
with a look as if you’d seen the world ending in tears
and i thought of all the things i should have asked you
in that place of delinquency where the vermin gather
what ever could have brought you there

the way you tapped your fingers on the booth
infuriated me and your impatience came raining
like a hard slap to the cheek
why couldn’t you be as still as your lips were frozen
unmoving entirely unwilling to relinquish sound
you didn’t know language had been invented for you
or maybe you’d forgotten
how sweet a muttered sigh can be
i took my chances and advanced
in awkward french my best bonseur
and unsurprinsingly you didn’t even flinch

too trapped in your sad musings i assumed
to bother with a universe which did not concern you
as if your ruins were unique
and needed to be fostered by a hundred hearts
your heart into a hundred hearts
i saw reflected in that sullen glare of yours
a stream of silent pictures darted through your brain
and catching that i called the barman
pointed to a glass and raised two fingers
poor le roze liutahn and he thought i was mad
and you thought of something i
was not permitted to presume as the barman poured
his rivers bringing us together

if you have bluebirds there within you
loose them with a whisper
and i will understand
the glass of vodka seemed to say to you
as twilight seeped into the room
and the idea of solitude finally took shape
beside another living human soul
who wanted to share in your burden

i guess you found words to be slightly flimsy
and weaved a language of your own
inimitable un-translatable and alone
but sincere in its strange way
i toasted to your quietness and met your eyes
they seemed to smile but only momentarily

First featured in Issue 6 of Cobalt Magazine, November 2016. All content owned by Radu C Vlad.


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