Issue 6, Poetry


Radu C Vlad you crash-landed out of nowhere and out of pure coincidence in the same bar where i was passing the hours thinking of nothing until you took your seat with a look as if you'd seen the world ending in tears and i thought of all the things i should have asked you… Continue reading bluebirds

Features, Issue 6

An Ode to Travelling

Zoe Baker Below is the entirety of a single text that I sent to my closest friend whilst I was out in Spain au-pairing during the summer. The premise is as follows: I was to be staying in Torrelodones (just out of Madrid) for a month caring for two girls (aged 8 and 10), yet… Continue reading An Ode to Travelling

Issue 6, Poetry

Night-Time Air

Chloe Palmer Some nights possess a silence so potent, it is almost a noise by itself. Some nights, the synthesised scent of petrichor and woodsmoke hangs thick in the damp air like a mist. Some nights, the clouds concur to dissipate, and the stars sit placidly in their shining, unfathomable multitudes and reach unfathomable distances… Continue reading Night-Time Air

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An Ode to Mental Health in 3 Creative Pieces

Mental Health Awareness Week has almost reached its end, but as most people might know, it can never be over in a week, nor should it be confined to one. Nevertheless, if for one week we make a tiny amount of difference, then it's a victory we will take; for now. Here are some picks from the… Continue reading An Ode to Mental Health in 3 Creative Pieces