Issue 7, Poetry

My Culture Has Changed

June Ong My culture has changed. In a short span of a term, I have changed.   I used to be called the Hitler of love I kid you not Apparently, this translates to the meaning of anti-love.   Growing up, throughout my adolescence, I rejected the notion of love. The amount of crushes I… Continue reading My Culture Has Changed

Issue 7, Poetry

On the fringes of a community

Seeta Parmar   Lurking on the edges of faceless conversations pretending to understand familiar terms and references (and secretly looking them up later)   Noncommittal immersion in a world that you want to understand but eventually encountering a thin separating layer that you turn back from unwilling to go further   Alighting and flitting away… Continue reading On the fringes of a community

Issue 7, Photography

When East Meets West, Angela Huang

When East Meets West Angela Huang The Magical Lantern Festival was an event held to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. Located in Chiswick House Gardens in London, it consisted of an enormous art installation filled with 3D lantern sculptures. The theme of the festival this year was called “Explore the Silk Road”… Continue reading When East Meets West, Angela Huang