Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Poetry


George Alldred Your hair glinted with the crackling flames, an auburn river, pouring deep into my heart, through to my soul, transfixing my eyes. Have I ever known such light in my life? Have I ever felt such a fire inside?   The air swirled ever-upwards from your tinted lips forming the foreground to colourful… Continue reading Bonfire

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Poetry


George Alldred Achilles, don't sing to me of wrath, for you know not…   You know not the pain; the suffering of a man who is doomed to exist, and yet lacks essence. A man who looks, and yet sees not. A man who is, and yet feels nothing.   Oh, what I would give… Continue reading Boy

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Poetry

Home (sic)

Angela Huang As the final fresher downs their drink, Farewells are said, and parents take their cars, Freshers Fortnight- it passes in a blink – You feel a curious tugging at your heart. You shed some tears, and home is far away, A grey and hazy future lies ahead. In this strange and foreign land… Continue reading Home (sic)

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 8, Poetry

A Poem for Dismantled Breakfasts

Beth Longman A poem for dismantled breakfasts two (or were or maybe still are) to match the wooden chairs that had come with the apartment They had moved in two Aprils ago. and there are still cracks that look like beginnings begging for forgotten breakfasts. he eats cornflakes the way she rips split ends from… Continue reading A Poem for Dismantled Breakfasts

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 8, Poetry

There was once yellow in these coronary flowers

Beth Longman Born into cracked ice. Where others looked, mirrored frost What was once yellow. There was once yellow- will soon be, faint petal skin what matters now, snow. Fatherly snow fall against fatherly clock beat Clocks have metal hearts. We felt all of time Fall and blanket before us, not picnic but snow. Snow… Continue reading There was once yellow in these coronary flowers

Issue 7, Poetry

On the fringes of a community

Seeta Parmar   Lurking on the edges of faceless conversations pretending to understand familiar terms and references (and secretly looking them up later)   Noncommittal immersion in a world that you want to understand but eventually encountering a thin separating layer that you turn back from unwilling to go further   Alighting and flitting away… Continue reading On the fringes of a community