Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose

Vanta Black

Vanta Black By Theotima Ioannou Vanta was born at a specific time and place. A specific Doctor said “your child is sick.” After an extensive examination of Vanta’s body, his parents found nothing wrong so, the Doctor was ignored. Vanta was a young adult when he noticed a dark stain on his fingertips. There was… Continue reading Vanta Black

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Mask – All Human

Laurine Falies This photo was taken in Dior exhibition in Paris at the museum Les Arts Décoratifs. I took this photograph from an electronic board in the modelling make up history. These two faces are interesting because it shows how the Human face can be used for modelling and photo embellishment. To my mind, it’s… Continue reading Mask – All Human

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose


Karmila Thomas There are over 20 different nationalities sitting in one hostel bar. A hostel with over 20 different cultures. Over 20 different histories - all encaged in over 20 different humans. Each traveler is looking for something; whether it’s knowledge, love, adventure, or themselves. If you want a story - talk to a traveler.… Continue reading Strangers

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose

These Eyes They See All

  Rhys Clarke September 11th, 2017. That was when The Eyes started to appear. Or, more specifically, the growths. Bulbous, flesh coloured, and foul-smelling. The growths appeared everywhere, in homes, on trees, on walls, on the roads, under the sea...anywhere with a surface, the growths appeared. Scientists were baffled. Us common folk were scared at… Continue reading These Eyes They See All

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose

Humanity = A dish of mushrooms

June Ong Humanity is like mushrooms, It’s everywhere but some might be toxic. Humanity is like risotto, Risotto absorbs liquids, we absorb the qualities of everyone around us, be it good or bad. Risotto releases starch, occasionally, we might subconsciously lose our qualities along the way throughout this journey of life. Humanity is like parmesan,… Continue reading Humanity = A dish of mushrooms

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose


Thalia Cox  I was underneath a black sky populated with the earthly stars of lamplight and I had the urge, indeed the necessity, to call my mother. Such a banal issue. In my case, a temporary need revealed the rotting foundations my family lived upon, swollen with water from years past, woodweevils biting away, the whole… Continue reading Disowned