Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose

Humanity = A dish of mushrooms

June Ong Humanity is like mushrooms, It’s everywhere but some might be toxic. Humanity is like risotto, Risotto absorbs liquids, we absorb the qualities of everyone around us, be it good or bad. Risotto releases starch, occasionally, we might subconsciously lose our qualities along the way throughout this journey of life. Humanity is like parmesan,… Continue reading Humanity = A dish of mushrooms

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose


Thalia Cox  I was underneath a black sky populated with the earthly stars of lamplight and I had the urge, indeed the necessity, to call my mother. Such a banal issue. In my case, a temporary need revealed the rotting foundations my family lived upon, swollen with water from years past, woodweevils biting away, the whole… Continue reading Disowned

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Emily Walden After the chaos of exams last year, I had a few weeks before I went home to relax and spend time with friends before we parted for three months. Over that time, me and my flatmate had frequent days out, walking around cities, exploring, and finding new things to marvel at. This picture… Continue reading Curiosity

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Poetry


George Alldred Your hair glinted with the crackling flames, an auburn river, pouring deep into my heart, through to my soul, transfixing my eyes. Have I ever known such light in my life? Have I ever felt such a fire inside?   The air swirled ever-upwards from your tinted lips forming the foreground to colourful… Continue reading Bonfire

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Humans of Fallas

Tiff Milner Fallas is a celebration in Valencia, Spain that celebrates Saint Joseph. Huge Falla statues (monumento fallero) are built out of flammable materials such as wood, paper, clothing and polystyrene across the city. Many take human shape, dancing up towards the sky.  At the end of the festival, the statues are burned in huge… Continue reading Humans of Fallas

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Photography

Capturing a Smile

Tiff Milner These photos were taken in response to the theme of ‘The Human Subject’. One of the most beautiful things in the world is seeing family and friends smiling and, as one of the only species on the planet to smile like we do, each one is unique and wonderful! The photos may be… Continue reading Capturing a Smile