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FEATURED: Kamena Magazine “Shovelmage”

By Filip Adamczyk in collaboration with Kamena Magazine           She hurried down to Risa’s room only to find it just as empty, although someone had clearly been in it. The bedsheets were torn and sprawled all over the place. The cupboards were pilfered. A heap of clothes lay huddled beside the bed. Tam covered… Continue reading FEATURED: Kamena Magazine “Shovelmage”

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Mask – All Human

Laurine Falies This photo was taken in Dior exhibition in Paris at the museum Les Arts Décoratifs. I took this photograph from an electronic board in the modelling make up history. These two faces are interesting because it shows how the Human face can be used for modelling and photo embellishment. To my mind, it’s… Continue reading Mask – All Human

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Prose

Humanity = A dish of mushrooms

June Ong Humanity is like mushrooms, It’s everywhere but some might be toxic. Humanity is like risotto, Risotto absorbs liquids, we absorb the qualities of everyone around us, be it good or bad. Risotto releases starch, occasionally, we might subconsciously lose our qualities along the way throughout this journey of life. Humanity is like parmesan,… Continue reading Humanity = A dish of mushrooms

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Humans of Fallas

Tiff Milner Fallas is a celebration in Valencia, Spain that celebrates Saint Joseph. Huge Falla statues (monumento fallero) are built out of flammable materials such as wood, paper, clothing and polystyrene across the city. Many take human shape, dancing up towards the sky.  At the end of the festival, the statues are burned in huge… Continue reading Humans of Fallas

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Easy-Peasy Ice-Cream: A Vegan Recipe

Abi Browning Serves 2. Prep Time: 5hr+ (Freezing time). Some of my main summer finds this year were vegetarian, vegan and gluten free cookery books. Though I’m not a veggie and I don’t have any specific dietary requirements, eating exciting foods and trying out new cooking methods is always great fun! This frozen dessert is healthy, vegan… Continue reading Easy-Peasy Ice-Cream: A Vegan Recipe