Cobalt Magazine, Issue 9, Photography


Emily Walden After the chaos of exams last year, I had a few weeks before I went home to relax and spend time with friends before we parted for three months. Over that time, me and my flatmate had frequent days out, walking around cities, exploring, and finding new things to marvel at. This picture… Continue reading Curiosity

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 8, Poetry

There was once yellow in these coronary flowers

Beth Longman Born into cracked ice. Where others looked, mirrored frost What was once yellow. There was once yellow- will soon be, faint petal skin what matters now, snow. Fatherly snow fall against fatherly clock beat Clocks have metal hearts. We felt all of time Fall and blanket before us, not picnic but snow. Snow… Continue reading There was once yellow in these coronary flowers