Cobalt Magazine, Issue 11, Photography


By Matthew Smith   Taken in the summer in the Glencoe area of the Scottish Highlands   First featured in Issue 11, 25/10/2018. All content owned by Matthew Smith.

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 11, Photography

Mioritic Space

By Ahmed Sorour “Blaga, a renowned inter-war poet and philosopher, advanced the concept of the Spatiul Mioritic (the Mioritic Space), which provided a definition of the Romanian national identity through a combination of environment and culture. Coming from Egypt, a land of endless sand, camels, and heat, the lush greenery was a welcome change of locale. I… Continue reading Mioritic Space

Cobalt Magazine, Issue 10, Photography

Concrete Cows

Matthew Smith The photograph is of the famous Concrete Cows of Milton Keynes. These are actually a replica by Bill Billings of the original work, which was made by Liz Leyh in the 1970s. I think it represents a kind of harmony between technology and nature. The modern concrete is merged with the traditional, bucolic image of cows grazing in the field.   … Continue reading Concrete Cows